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Creating a Prayer Space





Invite your children to create their own prayer space within your home. In quiet spaces, hearts are free to take refuge in God amidst silence. In the stillness of silence, children grow in the rhythm of quieting their hearts and their minds. It is in this quietness that children can hear God’s voice, sense His love and mantel of protection.  It is in the safety of their home where quiet spaces can be cultivated and sacred spaces kept even amidst the busyness of family life.

How to Create a Sacred Prayer Space in Your Home

Choose a small corner of a secondary room such as a dining room or study.  If you are able, try to keep this space special and set apart exclusively for quiet prayer and for your child to meet virtually with his or her class.  A low table or stool can be place next to the table to include a preschool sibling in creating his or her own prayer space.

Invite your children to participate in creating a prayer space thus taking ownership of his or her environment:

PRAYER CLOTH (table cloth)

The children are familiar with the colors that represent the liturgical year:  green, purple, red and white.  Cloth napkins, scarves and pillow cases work well.



A small pillow or easel can be used to enthrone your bible.



Children will enjoy cutting out old Christmas cards, calendars or online prints to hang in their prayer space.







Holy Family

Our Lady




Add fresh flowers as a sign of faith, love and devotion.



Place a battery operated candle as a sign of Jesus’ presence as a light to the world.


Place pillows on the floor for your child to rest on while in prayer or meeting virtually with his or her class.


Place a small basket on the table for prayer intentions

With your family, Bless your prayer space with holy water and the following prayer:

You are blessed and the source of every blessing.
Be with us now
And whenever we use this symbol of our faith.
May we strive always to be transformed
Into the likeness of Jesus, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns forever and ever.















*If space does not allow for a prayer space to remain set up throughout your week, simply designate a location in your home for a prayer space and store your sacred items in a basket there.  Use this spot consistently, whenever you are meeting virtually with your class or are drawn to prayer.


Resources to aid a Prayer Space

Make your own cross

Image of the Divine Mercy

Online Sacred Images to be printed and colored

            Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary

            Our Lady of Perpetual Help coloring page

Holy Family Coloring Page

Lenten Triptych



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